KJ Kustom

KJ Kustom is a series of well-curated collections that have been specially chosen for our customers. The types of items changes but the unique characteristics and features of the products do not. We offer:

  • beautiful mugs in series that will bring a smile to your face and beauty to your kitchen table or work desk. They're offered in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes .
  • unique t-shirts with custom graphics and sentiments


Our collections are:

KJ Kustom (main) - special items that make beautiful gifts for birthdays, holidays, showers. Also includes general apparel.


Cletus Rulz - Cletus tends not to be so "PC" and says what he thinks. The items in this collection can be a tad on the irreverent side, downright blunt or even shocking to some degree! These things are funny and are great conversation starters!


No Terror Barrier - personal growth and self-improvement are passions for many people. The items in this collection speak to the thoughts and inspirations experienced by many during the journey of self-exploration. The "Terror Barrier" is a concept addressed in the Proctor Gallagher Institute's Thinking Into Results program in the modules centered on Paradigm Shifts. If you're interested in the program, please check out this awesome certified mentor at http://bit.ly/2ffW7ZJ