Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies

Note Regards Postal Service and Pandemic Challenges in 2020/2021

Our production partners strive to produce or fulfill and then ship your order as quickly as possible while maintaining strictest quality control processes. They employ the most efficient and effective contract shippers possible. Once your package has been deposited into the shipping system, it's out of their hands, just as it is out of ours. There have been numerous policy changes at the USPS that have caused delays in all kinds of shipments and, to be transparent, that is sometimes also the case with other carriers as well. Climate change seems to play havoc with weather and cause certain severe conditions that have also factored into delays.

We find, generally, that the carriers used by our partners are on top of delays and do what they can to mitigate them but we will certainly appreciate your patience if you experience any delays. 

To help with keeping these unwelcome incidents low and protect you better, we now are pleased to offer Shipping Insurance through a trusted partner, ROUTE.


Shipping Insurance

Every checkout on, for all the products we sell, offers our customer the opportunity to insure their purchase for loss, damage or theft at a very nominal fee through ROUTE. Because we believe so strongly in the value of this coverage, if you don't want it, you'll need to opt out of it because we set it as active for all orders.

Orders valued at less than $100 can be insured for $.98 for the entire order. Over $100, the fee is 1.5% of cart value to cover all items purchased. We have partnered with Route to offer this outstanding coverage which simplifies and eases the frustration associated with shipping problems -- they're NOT the postal system and they're MUCH easier to work with to solve issues.

If you don't opt out of this coverage, you will see an additional item in your cart for it. You'll receive an email that details the coverage, Route's contact information and any information you'd need to file a claim -- just in case! By the way, Route also provides a cool shipment tracking app so you can check on your purchase with just a few clicks!

Wild Things Bazaar

Shipping fees for all print on demand products within Wild Things Bazaar (mugs, drinkware, apparel, jewelry, wall art) are included in the price of the product, as shown on the listing. Please note that if you're ordering multiple items, they may arrive separately.



Products are shipped from various locations can arrive in multiple packages. Shipping is via the contracted carriers of our partners and expedited options are not available.

Shipping Carriers Used

Wild Things Bazaar and Dealfacto products are shipped from various locations by our partners' contracted shippers and you will be supplied tracking information upon shipment. 

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